Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rain and Books. Books and Rain.

Today we are getting some MUCH needed rain. One of my all time favorite things to do is to read on the couch while it is pouring down rain outside. I mean rain with the thunder and the lightning where the rain creates it's own music on the roof. The couch is comfy, if it's a bit chilly then a nice warm blanket, and the best book for the moment. There really is nothing like it. I must have done that a lot as a kid because it is my "happy place" that I rarely get to visit these days. At least it's for a good reason.

At the moment I'm re-reading the "Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel" Series by Michael Scott. There are six books in the series and the last one came out in May. Once I read it, it made me want to go through and read them all again knowing what I know now. If I don't have a book though, my default is usually "The Hobbit." I don't honestly know if there is a better book. I could also be biased though. When I was a kid, my dad used to read to my brother and I every night. I remember reading "The Hobbit" in particular. I have it in every format I could ever need it in: hardcover, nook ebook, and audiobook. My husband even has the cartoon!

I guess all of this is just because I'm pouting. Yesterday and today were two perfect days for lazy couch reading and I have to work. However, if it were on the weekend, Matt and I would be taking care of Georgia. I really hope that she loves to read. She enjoys chewing on books right now so I suppose that's good enough for now.

I hear people say that they aren't really readers. I don't understand that world. I love it! I don't know what it is though, there is something about rain and books, that just makes the book better and the rain cozier. I even have a favorite song to listen to when it's raining and I'm reading: Eric Satie's "Gymnopédie." The piano sounds like rain would sound if it was on a piano. It just makes me comforted and happy...also a little drowsy.

Bonus Hobbit clip. It's even done by Rankin & Bass that created the famous Rudolf video. The music is classic (and a bit bad). I've given my husband fair warning that if we are to ever build our own home, my dream home is the Hobbit home, "Bag End," with the round door and everything. I may be taking my love of "The Hobbit" a bit to far but I don't think so.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Sleep...That about sums it up.

So sleep is not as necessary for me as I previously thought.

I've become an expert at sleep...or not sleeping.

How many books can one person read on sleep and not actually get it? I may have read them all.

Is there a magic solution, formula, process that allows for helping a baby sleep through the night?

So, Georgia isn't exactly a "sleeper." We walked into daycare the other day to pick her up, and there was a little girl, about 5 months, who had fallen asleep while playing. WHILE PLAYING! She didn't have to be walked or rocked or nursed. She just thought, "Hmmm...I'm tired." and ZONK. She's out. In fact, Georgia was trying to "play" with her hair while she slept. Why? Because she simply passed out in a pile of toys. On. The. Floor. I've seen pictures like that of other kids but I cannot imagine that as a possibility. Georgia is so not that child. (Oh, and by the way, the caregiver wasn't just leaving her there. The girl had just fallen asleep as we walked in and she was trying to detangle from another child to pick her up.)

I've read TONS of books, talked to quite a few moms and dads, and asked loads of questions about baby sleep. I'm following several books' directions verbatim. Georgia sleeps, and falls asleep quickly on her own, but at 10 months, she still hasn't slept through an entire night. Just that phrase, "the entire night" is debatable. According to some people and books, that means 8 hours. She's done that. She does that every night. From 7pm - 7am though she has not done. Some books say she's going to bed too soon. Some say she's going to bed too late. Some say she's going to bed just right. (wait, that might be Goldilocks.) Either way, she's not sleeping through the night in my book.

Depending on who you talk to, some babies just need to "cry it out". We tried that, she threw up. I'm not doing that again. Other people are just blessed, truly blessed, with children that naturally sleep through the night (for example see the girl who fell asleep while playing). I was a horrible baby. I hear horror stories about me as a baby: I had colic, I cried, I wouldn't sleep, I was bossy...(I have a bit of a complex about this if you can't tell.)

Please don't take me wrong. I LOVE being a mom to Georgia. Her little toothy grin, funny expressions, and hilarious movements are seriously the best moments of the day. The thing is, people say how amazing being a parent is and it's totally true but they never say what really really really hard work it is. It's almost like people want to seem like they have this parenting thing down and there are no problems because their kids are perfect. Georgia is perfect but you know what, while she's working on teeth numbers 9-12 and is trying to walk, she can't sleep through the night yet. After all is said and done though, I guess I'll take that extra time with her in my arms. I'm guessing I'm going to miss that as soon as she is really mobile...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mommyhood Intervenes

Somewhere in the span of a year and some odd months, I've slacked off. I originally slacked off on writing because I was pregnant. Then, said baby came and obviously, I've had no time. Plus, it's a blog. Who even reads this thing? I've toyed with shutting it down but I just couldn't. I'm not sure why. I'm certainly not going to be one of the people who makes a blog their living. I'm not going to be like The Bloggess or Gluten-Free Girl (even though it would be fun!).

So babies. Yep. There they are. I have to say that when I thought of being pregnant and becoming a mother, I didn't give much thought to the baby phase. It's an obvious stage yet for some reason, I never thought about it. NEVER. When I thought of having a child, I would smile at the thought of a little me/little hubby all in one. I would laugh at the funny things I thought they would do or say. I always thought of a 3-4 year old. Never older, never younger. The funny thing is, they are younger and then older. They are only 3-4 for oh say, a year. But I thought about that version every time.

When my husband and I found out I was preggers, that's when it hit. "Holy cow! What do I do with a baby!?" I was more nervous and scared than excited. Nine preggo months + nearly 10 baby months later and I'm thrilled to say that I LOVE this baby phase. I've found myself realizing she's nearly a year and her little clothes are getting littler by the day. Also, I was never one of those people who would scream, "OH! A BABY!" everytime I saw one. I'm not one of those "baby people". I'm still not really. I've discovered I'm a "my baby" kind of person.

So we had a baby girl. We called her Georgia Mary Anne and she is perfect. She's teething like a carnivore (seriously. Kid is going to eat steak at her first birthday!), trying to walk, and enjoys scooting on her bum instead of crawling. She is the light in my life (along with her father of course).

I always thought I'd be a "career girl" who would love going back to work after maternity leave. If I'm honest, no matter how much I love my job, I would kill to stay home and be with her all of the time. We take her to a good daycare but there are days where I'll just flip though every photo (all 1,143 of them. I'm not kidding.) and just smile at her full-of-teeth grin then die a little inside because I can't spend my whole day with her. Such is the life of the modern mom.

When I was a little girl, my dad used to sing and dance with me to this song. We also danced to it at my wedding nearly five years ago. It's one of my favorite "fix anything" songs. The song starts around the 1:12 mark. Such a classic.

I'll try to be better at this if only for my own sanity. There's a lot of things I've "learned" about being a mom/wife/parent/co-worker. There's also a lot left to learn as well though. Like how to get Georgia to fall asleep on her own...

Georgia Mary Anne, 9 months some odd weeks old.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Forts and Food Coloring

So my last post was about the lovely feeling of spring in the air. My what a difference a week makes. I'm normally not moody about weather. I enjoy the seasons and I'd rather be cold than hot...until this winter. I've decided Fall is still my favorite season and Spring is quite nice as well. Summer and Winter I could do without. This winter has been really ridiculous though and every time you think winter is over, that four letter word makes news again: snow. Normally, I don't mind it. I love the first snowfall of the season. Being all snowed in with cocoa, a great book, and a cozy fire. This month though it seems like it's been rougher than before. Everyone seems to be complaining about it. Now it appears I'm included in that. So, in order to redeem myself and turn this frown upside down, I'm going to tell a little snow story from my childhood. In fact, I may even tell two.

The first snow story is from one of our first winters after we moved from Michigan down to Indiana. I had made a best friend, her name was Emily. We lived just down the street from each other. We would play together any chance we had. She was my first friend who got a Nintendo before anyone else. I was jealous. We used to skate in her hallway to Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer (it was the 90's and incidentally, it was a REALLY short hallway). Her house is the only place I've had SPAM (except for Hawaii but what happens in Hawaii, stays in Hawaii).

One winter we must have had a ton of snow because we built a snow fort in her back yard. This fort was pretty big as far as I can remember. We carved out a decent sized cave and someone suggested how to decorate it. I'm not sure who's idea it was to break out the food coloring to "paint" it though. In all honesty, it was most likely me. I was always coming up with "great" ideas so I'll take the blame for this one. We went into her house and brought out every color of food coloring her mother's pantry possessed. We squirted those little bottles until the snow looked like confetti cake...and so did our gloves, coats, and exposed body parts. The snow looked great. We, on the other hand, did not. I don't remember getting in trouble but I'm pretty sure I did.

Another winter we had a major ice storm. It knocked the power in our little town out for a few days. Somehow the local ice cream place and the candy store had power (thank goodness!). Emily and I would walk to both nearly every day of the summer or a fortuitous snow day. I remember this day because all of the trees and power lines were covered with so much ice they looked like they were made out of glass. The wind blew and the trees tinkled like a chandelier and creaked like they were about to shatter. I don't remember another ice storm like it.

So as of 10 minutes ago, another storm was supposed to hit dumping 6-12 inches on our snow logged land. So far, we've got not a flake or drop. Since I've brought my computer home, blogged about snow, and am other wise prepared, nothing will happen. Isn't that always the case? Now, next week I'm sure I'll be blogging about Spring again...Actually, I won't. We are going to a really special concert so I'm sure I'll be all excited. And just you wait until who you read it is.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is in the air...for a few days anyway.

Today's warm-ish breeze of 59 degrees was so great. Especially after the -4 a week or so ago. No, I'm not going to talk about the weather, I'm going to talk about the feelings this weather brings!

I'm sitting at my dining room table imagining the windows open, late spring light streaming through the windows, and a warm-ish breeze stirring my papers on the table. 10,000 Maniacs "Like the Weather" is playing on my iPhone. There with me yet? Good.

These days remind me of being a kid knowing school was thisclose to letting out and my birthday was even closer. They remind me of listening to 10,000 Maniacs in our driveway as I roller-skate around narrowly missing the cracks in the pavement which meant a nice scab was not too far away. Or jumping rope with my BFF Emily. Or pretending to write novels in my little bedroom. Or torturing my brother. Typical stuff really.

I'm also reminded of driving as a 16-year old, just out of school for the day, BLASTING Jars of Clay from my open windows. Bass thumping in my Grand Am, letting everyone know just how "cool" I was. Maybe or maybe not racing a friend down the street in our cars (you didn't see me you can't prove anything!). Heading to work at the fudge and coffee shop in Grabill. Working on homework in the bunk end of my parents house while (it's true) Amy Grant's "Lucky One" played in the background. (Hey, we weren't all stellar in our music pick!) Wishing someone would ask me to prom.

I think of my Toyota with the sunroof in college. Playing Barenaked Ladies (the band people! the band!) and wishing I too had a million dollars...I'd be rich! Walking to class in "The Valley" while talking to Breea or Julie or one of my roomates about the latest boy or shocking thing someone did. Of working late in the art lab while listening to Moby and wishing I could sleep.

Spring is also the time of year my brother died but I like to think of the great things about spring. Like when I lived in Cardiff. Being away from my parents on the anniversary was tough but my amazing friend Naomi planned a whole day based on take-away Chinese, cheesy 80's movies, and pic-n-mix. We watched "The Karate Kid," "Thelma and Louise," and "Dirty Dancing" in a comfy little house in Thornhill. Still blasting music by the way. This time it's Snow Patrol, Will Young, and Franz Ferdinand...when in the UK, listen to UK music! :)

I also think of after college and meeting my husband for the first time. It was May 8th, 2005. Best. Spring. Ever. Nothing more to say really. It just rocked.

Now, spring makes me dream of laying in the hammocks reading the latest page turner. Taking our bikes to the River Greenway. Planning a little road trip. And yes, still BLASTING music through my open Jeep windows. Right now, it's Adele. I'm hoping to move spring along and she's just the girl to do it!

Oh, and in case you don't know what songs I'm referring to, here you are.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sherbet and Alice in Wonderland

I realized I hadn't blogged in awhile and was shocked to find it had been October. I guess I've been busy and I haven't felt like there was a lot to write about. I'm home sick with the flu today (I'll spare you the details) and thought I could write one while sitting/laying on the couch.

When I was a little girl, I would cry wolf all of the time about being sick. I can remember going to the school nurse for the first time (maybe) and saying I didn't feel good. I then promptly ate a candy cane and jumped on the sofas once I got home. Now, there were those times that I was actually sick and they all seem to be the same memory...laying at home on the couch watching Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" and eating rainbow sherbet. Today, with the flu all I have are popsicles and a VHS of "Alice". I may have to settle for DVD "Mary Poppins". There's something simple and comforting about being sick and watching movies that I watched as a kid all bundled up on the couch.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What has happened to me!

Hello. My name is Meghan. I've begun to watch reality tv. SAVE ME!

I really don't have many shows on television that I get excited about. Man V. Food is one that I love to watch but I've been slacking on that a bit. So it is really surprising to me that I've started wanting to watch tv more. Not any tv. No. I'm afraid it's reality. I've been able to skip the "Survivor" craze, "So You Think You Can Dance", "The Hills," and "Jersey Shore." There was that blip early in the day when I watched "American Idol" and a few random "Real World" but those were blips. I also really got into "Big Brother" when I lived in Wales but that was overseas so it doesn't count.

Now, I'm going to step out here and make an admission. Much to my husband's dismay, I've started watching "Dancing with the Stars." I was really curious about who "The Situation" was and how Bristol Palin could dance. Matt's been working in the evenings on freelance comic books so I'm going to blame this on the comics. (His work will appear here in the next few months at Mystery Solved. Check it out. It's really great. Matt also has a Deviant art page with his other work. We're shopping his "Caaats!" book around at the moment.)

"Dancing with the Stars" is one thing but I'm afraid I've turned a corner. While Matt (seeing a trend here?) had his comic creating buddies over one Friday night. I succumbed to Netflix and watched..."Keeping up with the Kardasians." There is no excuse but I watched an entire vapid first season! I even (gasp!) watched half of the second season. It was a long drawing session! What could I do!

So it's Monday night and Matt's upstairs working. "Dancing with the Stars" is on tv. I actually set a reminder. I think I may be too far gone. As long as I stay away from "Keeping up with the Kardasians" I think I'll be okay. At least I'm not voting...yet. How did I get to this point!?

It all goes back to fudge and coffee.

When I was about 14 or 15, my dad said to me, "Meg, you should get a job." I'm not sure why he thought that. Maybe it was that age that kids used to go off and make a livin' back in the day. Maybe he was tired of me asking for cash (entirely possible). Or maybe, just maybe, he thought I could go out and learn somethin'.

I started the job search that day. I remember it really well. It was a sunny day and I kinda think it was fall time which means it was most likely summer. I sat down in my room with my totally 90's-tastic clear phone with the neon pink florescent light in it (it rocked, I know it) and started making calls. Being so young had its disadvantages. I couldn't drive, laws prohibited me from worked to much or past a certain time, and of course it had to be cool. I couldn't just work anywhere! Eventually, my parents suggested I give a woman from our church, Vanetta, a call. She owned a place called, "Prints of Peace." It was a art gallery, framing place that also happened to have a coffee bar where they made fudge, cappuccinos, and lattes. I was hired! That was such a stroke of luck!

That was maybe the best job in high school EVER. I was a barista in the highest form...well, maybe not but I could make a mean Funky Monkey latte. The store was in Grabill, Indiana so it wasn't the metropolis of nearby Fort Wayne but it was pretty busy at times. After working there a few years, I decided I needed more experience so I, um, traded up to Blockbuster. That was not as fun and walking into a Blockbuster these days still makes me shudder. I'm not sure what the smell is at Blockbuster but there is one. I'd traded in the aromas of fresh fudge and coffee for plastic and weird smells I still can't distinguish.

College was a weird mix of jobs but once I left the coffee shop, I kinda think it took a turn for the worse. I worked at a dry cleaning place for all of 2 weeks at most (and holds the record as the only job I was fired from...don't ask). Then I worked at a senior living community with the best cuties ever. One, Wilma Fox, still holds a special place in my heart. I also had a student ministries position working with teen moms in Anderson by my university, Anderson University.

After college, I can sum it up really quick: worked for my dad, worked for two other companies, lived in Cardiff Wales (BLISS!), worked for my dad, and then to where I am now working for both parents. My post-college jobs all involved graphic design. I did nearly give it up once to go back to school and get my masters in English so I could go into the book business. I didn't though when my parents opened their own company.

I'm not sure why the job history via blog. I've always felt happy I never had to be a waitress. I never had to work fast food. And aside from the dry cleaners, I've been really lucky. I didn't always treat the jobs right (dry cleaners) and the first three design jobs I had, I took for granted. I was really young and probably had too much autonomy than I should have.

I've always found it interesting how much enjoyment I get out of work and it really is fulfilling. I've been sick for a week with the flu and then a cold. Tomorrow I am going to tackle it again and I'm kinda nervous. Like the first day of school. Kinda, like my first day at the coffee shop.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The car that caught fire and how I blame a Christian Rock band.

Everyone has that one car from their teenage years. Either you were in love with it, embarrassed of it, crashed it, or really owned it (we're talking fringe, hydraulics, paint job you name it). I had several cars in high school. And while my family likes to taunt me that I was a horrible driver, I wasn't. I did ask how to "point this thing" when driving with my dad for the first time but I was trying to be funny.

I mean, yes, there was the day I went into the ditch...twice (different ditch, same car). There was the white Taurus that I experimented with airbags on (they hurt when they come out. I wouldn't advise experimenting). And yes, I did go "off-roading" into a cornfield with the white Taurus (it wasn't a ditch and in my defense, I TOTALLY would have gotten away with it had it not been for the cornstalks sticking out of my tailpipe.). But the one car which gave me a bad rap that was totally not my fault was the cranberry colored GrandAm. I got this after the Taurus was put to pasture (they just don't stick airbags back in I guess). I loved it. It looked fast. It was reddish. The seats were all cool and buckety. And the stereo seriously rocked. The thing that made me not love the GrandAm was the fire. THAT I had nothing to do with.

I was reminded of the GrandAm and my love for it this weekend. My husband and I got tickets to a Jars of Clay Concert. As they opened, they said they were celebrating their 15th year of making music together since their first album. That album, is what made my GrandAm rock. They played through their whole first album. Each song reminded me of something in that flying cranberry. When they started to play "Flood" though, it all came back. It was 1995 and although I was on my second car, I hadn't had my license for too long. This album came out and was on solid replay. I turned the base all of the way up and "Flood" made the windows shake. I was rockin' out. I remember coming home and my parents coming out just laughing because they could hear me coming up the drive. They live in the woods and they have a really long driveway so I must of been jamming. As Jars was playing the song this weekend, I sent my parents a text,
"@ jars of clay concert. Reminds me of rockin out in the GrandAm. :)" I got this response, 
"ha!!! Dad wants to know what caught on fire?" 
It took me a second and then I got it. Not funny. All of a sudden, I was not loving the GrandAm.

What happened, was this car was maybe a lemon. It's hard to tell. My mom and I were minding our own business driving when smoke started pouring from the vents. We're not talking a little smoke. We're talking major can't-breathe-gray-smoke. We pulled over on Jefferson, hopped out and called my dad. The car was towed and turns out the defroster had caught on fire. What I don't get is why did the defroster catch fire IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER!? Yeah. I don't buy it but that's what we were told.

So, I get a bad rap for cars and then this happens. This was not my fault. Clearly though someone has to be blamed and it all clicked for me. Jars of Clay. This may sound like a stretch but stick with me. I was rocking out. Bass turned all the way up. Thumping to "Flood" rattling it all around in there. It's a cheap GrandAm (sorry if you own one. It was a 93 so it's old.). Things are going to move. They got the wires all jumbled and shaken up. That's the only thing I can think of. It all makes sense now...okay. It doesn't. That's weak I guess. But still. How could that be my fault? In my defense, I've not had a wreck or fender bender since 2002 in my new VW Beetle. I think I've matured...and gotten to be a better driver just maybe.

Just to back up my theory, here's the totally 90's tastic video clip of the song. Imagine the base. Oh that 90's hair and clothes.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunny Day, Sweepin' the Clouds Away

So the sunshine and cool temp today has me all excited because it's fall and my wedding anniversary is this week. I'm just a little giddy.

We woke up this morning to fighting cats (no surprise there) and brilliant sunshine. As I was drinking my coffee the Sesame Street song popped into my head. When I was a kid, I LOVED Sesame Street. In fact, there isn't a person I've met that hasn't seen this iconic show (if they live in the US that is). Its so hard to pick my favorite character. I think Snuffleupagus, then I change to Cookie Monster, then I change to Ernie, then Grover, then Slimy the worm (he didn't say much but I liked his colors), then Oscar the Grouch. I never really liked Elmo. He kind of annoyed me so I really don't get why he's such a big deal these days.

Anyway, I really like the little stories and the characters. The slightly scary thing is that I remember way to much about that show than I think I should. If they used whatever ninja tactics they used in Sesame Street, on me when I was in school, I would definitely have excelled at match, science, and maybe even gym. Yes. Gym. Here are some the bits I remember that are so inconsequential (big word!) I wish I could forget them and remember really important things like where I put my extra set of keys for the Saturn I just turned in.
Drumroll please....In no particular order...

  • Mr. McFeely (wait. Nope. That's Mr. Rodgers)
  • The story about the kid who's mom wants him to go to the store and buy a stick of butter, a container of milk, and a loaf of bread.
  • Teeny Little Super Guy
  • When the guy who ran the grocery store died (Mr. Hooper)
  • When James Taylor sang on the show and I told everyone he and my dad were best friends
  • When Gordon and what's her name when to an art museum
  • When Gordon and Maria (that's her name!) got married
  • Some bit where kids were playing in a park
  • The Ladybugs picnic
  • I dance myself to sleep
  • "Waiter! There's a fly in my soup!"
  • Something with a ballerina and eating cottage cheese? How random is that!
  • Something with a little house and flowers. I have no idea.
  • Near........Far.....
  • Cookie!
  • Ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches!
  • 1. Ah Ah Ah 2. Ah ah ah
  • Sesame Street Theater...something about a flower.
Okay, with all of this reminiscing, I'm off to watch the clips. I'm sure I'll remember more! What a genius show.

Ha ha ha! I was watching the Jelly Man Kelly and the kids woke up the cat! Awesome.

It's Hamm-ock Time!

Today may be the best hammock day yet. It's sunny, cool, and there are still leaves on the trees. In our yard, we have the best hammock trees. In fact, I'm slightly suspicious that those three trees were what made me like this house.

The trees make a triangle over a little patch of grass. They are big oak trees (I'm ashamed to say I think they are oak. My parents would be so disappointed.) that have a great canopy of leaves. When it's summer, they provide great shade and an amazing sound while the wind goes through the boughs. (Yes. I am in fact trying to redeem my lack of tree species with throwing in official kinds of words.) In the fall, they do the same but towards the end of the season they begin to drop and the sun warms your face and blinds your eyes. Not a win win scenario but I'm in the hammock so who cares!

I love the hammocks. They were a birthday present for my 30th from my husband. There are two of them and they are striped with a great color combination. If you've never laid in a hammock you should. Something happens. It's kinda like Narnia. Well, that may be a stretch. You definitly won't see Mr. Tumnus and if you do, you may need to get checked out. You just sink back, relax, and have no choice but to relax and feel comforted. This year hasn't had nearly enough hammock time.

When I was a teenager, my parents bought our first hammock. They live in the woods and have two great hammock trees just inside of the yard. Sometimes at night, I'd take a blanket out there with a pillow and just lay and relax. It always surprises me how hammocks have an instant relaxing effect. I'm not sure what it is about them that has that soothing effect. I can be stressed, upset, or exhausted and I'll get out feeling like I've woken up from the best nap in the world.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mad Skillz

Okay I'm a slacker. Or rather, I've become one. I need to get back on this blogging soapbox. I've been to lazy to even say how I feel or what I remember. Oh well.

There's a quality I've discovered about myself that I'm sad to say I have grown to like. It's a skill that a "creative" person like me should not like. A skill that is really helpful but totally left brained. In fact, it verges really close to accounting and math (who am I kidding? It is math at least.). If you know me, those two things are nothing like me. In fact, the word math gives me hives. I've developed... mad Excell skillz. Now, you'll notice that skillz has a "z" because although I can do some fancy cell and spreadsheet footwork, my college statistics prof would still give me the abysmal grade he felt I deserved back in the day. And he'd be right. And yes, I did take statistics. And no, I did not do it of my own free will. Just like I didn't take Business Law of my own free will...but I digress.

This realization that I actually like getting stuck in a spreadsheet hit me a little while ago but I didn't want to own up to it until tonight. My husband MattyG and I were pouring over our finances. I had exported our bank statement as a csv file and was reorganizing and calculating like a wiz. I pulled out the random costs (does a vet really have to pay that much?), added up the meals we ate out (WAY too many), and tallied the regular expenses (XM is how much?!). I actually enjoyed it! Never mind the fact that the budget had a good result. I've also gotten like that in work. I used to get stuck in InDesign or Illustrator all day and months would go by without opening a Office program other than Entourage. No more my friend, no more. Now, a few days will go by before I open the beloved Adobe programs. It's a dark day. A dark day indeed. Now, where's that calendar? I need to get it color coded. (Sadly, I'm not kidding.)